Simplified Git Workflow

I’m always looking for ways to simplify and optimize pretty much everything that I do. Naturally, my obsession for streamlining carried over when I started using Git to manage my code. Over the past year or so I’ve been experimenting with different workflows or branching models for Git. In this time I’ve worked on projects … Continued

Using Git to Deploy Code

Like many other programmers, I use git on a daily basis to manage my code. In fact, I believe git is so useful that I list it as a required skill whenever I post job openings for programmers at work. Although it’s used by a lot of people, I often find that git is not … Continued

Solarized Color Scheme for xfterm4

If you use the terminal as much as I do, then do yourself (and your eyes) a favor by installing a new color scheme. My color scheme of choice is usually Solarized dark, so that’s what I’ll use for this tutorial. The final product should look similar to the image you see above. Note: For … Continued

How to Change the Image When Sharing Links on Facebook

When someone shares a link to your website on Facebook, certain information about your site (or more specifically, the actual link that is shared) is automatically gathered and displayed. For example, if you type you will see something like: This article is going to explain how this process works, and how you can change … Continued

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