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PHP – Calculate the next occurrence of any given date

Happy Friday the 13th! Here are some fun facts for you: any month that begins on a Sunday will have a Friday the 13th. Furthermore, Friday the 13th is no different, statistically speaking, than say Tuesday the 17th. That is, they both occur (or don’t occur) the same number of times. Speaking of dates and … Continued

PHP Flash Messages

After more than three years since its original release, I’ve finally found the time to properly update my old PHP Session-Based Flash Messages class. This updated version brings PSR-4 autoload compliance, Bootstrap compatibility, namespaces, sticky messages, and more!

WordPress Plugin – Minimize WP Admin Bar

The WordPress Admin Bar — the bar with all of the WordPress-related options and actions, that logged in users see at top of the page — is pretty useful. Problem is, it’s obtrusive and obnoxious. It can interfere with a site’s design or flow, and in some cases it can obscure a site’s menu or … Continued

How to Change the Image When Sharing Links on Facebook

When someone shares a link to your website on Facebook, certain information about your site (or more specifically, the actual link that is shared) is automatically gathered and displayed. For example, if you type you will see something like: This article is going to explain how this process works, and how you can change … Continued

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