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Tips for Working Remotely

I’ve pretty much always worked for myself, and always remotely. The last time I worked in anything that even closely resembled a “real” office was when I was 18 years old. The past 15 years of working remotely, managing teams ranging in size from 2 to over 50 people, has taught me valuable lessons on … Continued

Using gulp.js to Deploy Code

I’ve been using Sage for a little while now to create custom WordPress themes. Sage utilizes technologies like Sass (or Less), Bower, Browsersync, and gulp.js to make designing custom themes much more efficient. The only issue I encountered is that I couldn’t use my typical workflow of deploying code with git, because with gulp.js (as … Continued

Ubuntu – How to Change Hostname Without Rebooting

1. Update the current hostname

This command will instantly update the hostname which prevents having to reboot. It is not, however, persistent so your changes will be lost the next time you do reboot. 2. Update hostname File

Delete the current hostname and replace it with yours. This makes the new hostname persist … Continued

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