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AWS – Change or Add SSH keys

Learn how to easily generate and add a new public and private key pair to an AWS EC2 instance. This is useful if you ever need to replace a compromised key or provide ssh access to multiple users without sharing private keys.

Ubuntu – How to Change Hostname Without Rebooting

1. Update the current hostname

This command will instantly update the hostname which prevents having to reboot. It is not, however, persistent so your changes will be lost the next time you do reboot. 2. Update hostname File

Delete the current hostname and replace it with yours. This makes the new hostname persist … Continued

Adding an SSH Key to Amazon EC2

Using git to deploy code across multiple servers is a handy technique that works in pretty much any situation. That is, until you’re trying to deploy to an environment such as Amazon’s EC2 servers, which uses .pem files to login. In these situations, the simplest solution I’ve found is a rather ancient technique: SSH keys.

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