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The WordPress Admin Bar — the bar with all of the WordPress-related options and actions, that logged in users see at top of the page — is pretty useful. Problem is, it’s obtrusive and obnoxious. It can interfere with a site’s design or flow, and in some cases it can obscure a site’s menu or other content.

Minimize WP Admin Bar

Despite the Admin Bar’s shortcomings, and because it’s so useful, it’s a shame to completely disable it. As such, I threw together this very simple plugin that will hide the Admin Bar, and replace it with a small, unobtrusive icon. Clicking the icon will reveal the normal Admin Bar that you’re familiar with.

Typical WordPress Admin Bar

Here, we can see the typical WordPress Admin Bar, and how obtrusive it is:

Minimized Admin Bar

And here we see the minimized version that this plugin provides. Much better!

Download and Install

The latest version can be found in the WordPress Plugin Directory.

You can also download the a copy of the code from github, and manually install it yourself:

  1. Download a zip file of the code
  2. Extract files to /wp-content/plugins/wp-minimize-admin-bar
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress admin control panel

There are no plugin options at this point. You can see the plugin in action when you visit your site (the “frontend”, not the admin control panel) when you are logged in.

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