Proxmox – Share the Host’s Hard Drive with a VM Guest

This tutorial demonstrates how to share a Proxmox host’s hard drive with a guest instance. This is useful for adding disk space to a guest, sharing files among many guests, and more.

For this tutorial, the following assumptions are made. Adjust any parameters as is necessary.

  • The host’s drive/partition that is to be shared is /dev/sdb1
  • The drive’s filesystem is ext4
  • The guest that the drive is to be shared with has the ID 100
  • The drive will be mounted to /mnt/drive on the guest

On the Host…

1. Edit VM Conf File

Add a new line for the shared drive. ide3 can be any number that isn’t already assigned to another IDE device:

2. Halt the Guest, then Restart

Completely halt the system and then restart (not just reboot)

On the Guest…

1. Find the drive’s UUID:

Look for the UUID of the drive at sdb:

2. Edit fstab

Open /etc/fstab.

Add the following line. Be sure to change the drive’s UUID and the mount point:

The drive will now mount at boot. To mount the drive now, without rebooting run:

One response to “Proxmox – Share the Host’s Hard Drive with a VM Guest

  1. I’m getting this error when I try to mount it.
    “Mount is denied because the NTFS volume is already exclusively opened.”

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