AWS – Change or Add SSH keys

Learn how to easily generate and add a new public and private key pair to an AWS EC2 instance. This is useful if you ever need to replace a compromised key or provide ssh access to multiple users without sharing private keys.

1. Generate a New Private Key

  1. Login to the AWS EC2 console and select Key Pairs in the left sidebar
  2. On the next page, click the Create Key Pair button
  3. Give the new key a name, then click the create button
  4. Download the new key, and then chmod it to 0666

For this tutorial we’ll call this new private key NewKey.pem

2. Generate a New Public Key

Next, use NewKey.pem that was created in step 1 to create a new public key. The new public key will be

When prompted, enter the path to the NewKey.pem that was created in step 1.

3. Add the new public key to your instance

4. Test the New Key

Use the new key to ssh into the server. If needed, the original key can be removed during this step

To remove the original key use:

Find the line containing the original/old key and remove it.

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