WordPress Plugin – Minimize WP Admin Bar

The WordPress Admin Bar — the bar with all of the WordPress-related options and actions, that logged in users see at top of the page — is pretty useful. Problem is, it’s obtrusive and obnoxious. It can interfere with a site’s design or flow, and in some cases it can obscure a site’s menu or … Continued

Can You Be Too Professional?

Note: The image used above is from the 1994 film Léon: The Professional, and is copyright by Columbia Pictures. I lost the bid for a job last week. Losing the bid was no surprise — if you aren’t being told “no” by some prospects you either aren’t selling enough or your prices are too low. … Continued

Disable Subscription Warning in Proxmox

Whenever you login to Proxmox you are greeted with an alert stating “You do not have a valid subscription for this server. Please visit www.proxmox.com to get a list of available options.” The point of this alert is to entice you into buying a support subscription from the guys that make Proxmox. While I have … Continued